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General Information

When open Forex market?

The market is open from Monday to Friday. You can trade anytime while the market is open and prices (quotes) moves. The market is closed on Saturday and Sundays.

What are your trading sessions and MT4 market time?

Time of the trading server operation is from 00:00 on Monday to 23:59 on Friday terminal time (GMT+1).

Where are your servers located?

Our MT4 servers are located in London, England. Time for execution depends on location. Also, time depends on account type On MT4 ECN it is market execution, by the market prices at a time.

Where are you located? Are you regulated?

Our company is registered and working in line with the Mauritius. Our jurisdiction does not require any special license for forex activity.

Who can become a Assetsfx client?

We accept clients worldwide. However Assets Global Ltd. does not provide service to residents of the EEA countries, USA, Israel, Russia, Japan, North Korea, Belgium and UN/EU Sanctioned countries.

Do you allow automated trading? Is scalping allowed?

Yes, we have no restrictions.

What can I trade with you?

We offer Forex currencies, metals and oil, Stocks, Indices and cryptos. Please visit this link for more information:

Do you offer MAM or PAMM accounts?

Please note that we do not offer MAM or PAMM accounts. You can look at signals and manage funds for others on there.

Do you offer Swap free accounts?

Yes, Swap free accounts are available to Muslim clients due to their religious beliefs.

How is my funds safety with your company?

Our clients’ funds are kept exclusively in the hands of reliable banks and financial companies. Moreover, we keep our clients’ funds and our own money separately, and we always maintain a positive ratio of assets to liabilities. We follow this strict policy to be able to execute any withdrawal request at any time. You may find our Safety of Funds policy here

Getting Started

How can I register?

Simply head to our website, click Open Account Account button in the upper-right corner and fill out a registration form. Once you sign up, your Client Login > Dashboard Room will be automatically created

Where can I register?

You may register on our website here

How can I open a demo account?

It is quick and easy to open a demo MT4 trading account within your Client Login > Dashboard Room. In order to open a demo account: Go to the Dashboard > Add Account > Click 'MT4 Demo' Choose your account type, leverage where needed, enter captcha code and click ‘Add demo account'. You will receive new account number and password.

How can I open a live account?

It is quick and easy to open a live MT4 trading account within your Client Login > Dashboard Room. In order to open a live account: Go to the Dashboard > Add Account > 'MT4 Live' Choose your account type, leverage where needed, enter captcha code and click ‘Add account'. You will receive new account number and password.

How can I verify my account?
To verify your account, you need to provide two documents:
  • Proof of your ID (passport or national ID card front copy)
  • Proof of your address (Bank statement/ Utility bill/ ID card back copy)

We require to be Upload Documents in your Clients Dashboard >> Verification >> Submit Documents >>

Note: Documents validity not more than 3 months old.

How can I make deposit?

You may deposit in your Client Login >> Dashboard >> Deposit section > Deposit Money by selecting one of the available payment methods-- Availability of each option is determined by your country of residence. Information about each of these methods can be found on our website –

How can I make withdraw?

You may place withdrawal request in your Client Login >> Dashboard >> Withdraw section > Withdraw Money by selecting one of the available payment methods –

Availability of each option is determined by your country of residence and previously used deposit method. Information about each of these methods can be found on our website –


How is your MT4 Execution speed?

Please note that Execution speed depends on the current market conditions. Average execution time for MT4 ECN account is 300-500ms. Execution time may vary, depending on current market conditions.

Where is your MT4 Server location?

Our servers are located in London LD4 data Centre, England. MT4 servers are set to GMT+1 time zone, to align with the New York session close time as the end of the trading day.

What time is the your MT4 server time? How do I change MT4 time zone?

Our servers are set to GMT+1 time zone. Our server is tied to Europe time zone. Time zone on MT4 cannot be changed.

How to Login MT4 desktop platform?

To log in with your Live trading account to the Desktop or Web based MetaTrader4

Please follow these steps:
  • Open MT4 platform > Go to File -> Login to Trade account
  • Enter your live accounts number and password
  • Select "AssetsFxGlobal-Live" server
How to Login MT4 mobile app?

To log in with your Live trading account to the Mobile MT4 please follow these steps:

Open your Mobile MT4 application and click on the " + " icon to add an account Click on the Login to an existing account and then type: AssetsFxGlobal-Live

In Login type your account number and trading account password. But please use a copy/paste method to input those if it is possible for you.

What account types do you offer?

We offer 4 account types.


cTrader ECN, ECN PRO account is available for cTrader platform.

What is the difference between the accounts?

Main difference between the accounts are commission and spreads. On ECN accounts commission is charged for every trade order. Commission is $6 per traded $100,000 for a round turn. On MT4 STANDARD commission is included in the spreads. It is not charged separately as on ECN accounts, however spreads are the lowest on ECN accounts.

I have opened several Demo accounts I don't need. How can I delete some of them?

Please email this request to [email protected] and write the account numbers you wish to be deleted.

Do I have to pay anything for demo accounts?

No, you may use demo accounts free of charge.


How can I log into my Client Login area?

You can login through our website and click on the Client Login menu then enter your login credentials:

I can't log in it say Incorrect email or password?

Please make sure that you input the correct email address you have used to register. You can reset the password for Client Login via this link by entering your email:

How can I open a partner area?

In order to become our partner, please follow the below steps: If you are already registered with us, please go to your Client Login > Dashboard and click on the 'IB Area' > Referral Log' button in the sub menu.

Do you provide Partner commission for all account types?

As a Partner, you receive a commission for trading performed on any real accounts attached to you. These accounts include Cent, Standard, ECN accounts.

How is my IB commission calculated?

The calculation depends on the commission rate and the traded volume.

The volume is measured in lots traded by your referrals. You can increase your volume by encouraging your referrals to trade. Note that we only count orders executed without Partial Close or Multiple Close that lasted for at least three minutes with the Buy and Sell price difference of at least 3 pips.

The rate is the amount of money you receive for one traded lot (up to $12 vary one the account type). You can increase your earrings by attracting active clients willing to trade.

You can find the commission calculator in the Partner Area tab here.

Which clients are considered active?
Your referrals who meet these criteria:
  • Keep at least 100 USD across their trading accounts
  • For the last 30 days, closed at least five orders without using Partial Close or Multiple Close that lasted for at least three minutes and had the Buy and Sell price difference of at least 3 pips each.
How often is my commission paid?

Once in 24 hours. If your client trades today, you will receive your payment tomorrow—even if it’s Friday. You can withdraw your commission from your Wallet anytime without any fees.

Do I get a commission for my clients no matter their account type?

Yes, you do. You will be receiving your commission in full regardless of the types of accounts of your referrals, whether it's AssetsFX MT4, AssetsFX MT5, AssetsFX cTrader, or Copytrading.

What are the main advantages of becoming your IB partner?
Your direct advantages:
  • Monthly rewards from 100 USD to 2,000 USD
  • Daily commission payouts
  • Master IB program where you receive commissions for referring other IB
  • IB contests with lucrative prizes
  • 24/5 personal manager support and assistance with your IB business.
Our service advantages that help you attract new clients:
  • Outstanding trading conditions (tight spreads, ultra-fast ECN/STP orders execution within less than a second)
  • All sorts of education materials, including: webinars, video tutorials, articles, and more
  • Daily market analysis and trading prompts from experts
  • Engaging events with gifts
  • Regular contests with generous prizes
  • Copy trading service for those who are not ready to trade by themselves.
Can I use your brand name and logo on my site or social media?

Yes, you can. But these are our trademarks, and we only allow this to you as our partner on the condition that you comply with a few simple rules of their usage.

Your IB Agreement is written in legal language and seems unclear. Could you please list the main points I need to remember?
Sure. There are a few things to remember that will help you thrive as our IB:
  • We help our partners who are eager to grow their business—find out how on our dedicated page or from your personal manager
  • You can only refer traders who are not your close relatives and traders from different devices under different IP addresses
  • If 30% of the commission you receive comes from one client, we might consider this suspicious and cancel such a commission
  • As long as we are partners, we won’t reveal anything detractive about you, and we expect you not to harm our image in any way
  • Forex is a risky endeavour, and we accept that. You cannot guarantee profits to your clients. We have a dedicated article explaining how fit our communication style
  • Together, we do business, so if your commission payouts become more than the spread revenue from your referrals’’ trading, we might reconsider the rate or frequency of your commission payouts.
Do I receive IB commission for referrals who use AssetsFX Copytrading?

Yes, you receive it in full along with the copy trading commission.

How do I become a Master IB?

Once you have five active IBs in your referral base, you will be able to apply for a Master IB status—just write to us at [email protected], and we will guide you through the process. Once you are a Master IB, you will receive 10% of the commission earned by the IBs from your network, too.

How do I contact my manager?

You can get in touch with us via our chat from Monday to Friday—just choose the IB, Invite a friend department—or via email at any time [email protected]

Can an existing AssetsfxFX client become my referral?

Yes, they just need to fill out a request form his/her client area. They will be asked to fill in your email address or ID and explain their decision to become your referral.

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